Privacy Policy

By using the Delight Me Website and/or the Delight Me Platform (as defined in the Delight Me Terms of Service, you agree to the collection and use of your personal information as detailed below. We want you to understand how we approach privacy issues so that you may use Delight Me with confidence and assurance.

  1. Overview. Trust is a core operating principle at Delight Me and inspiring and maintaining customer trust is a commitment we take seriously. Delight Me therefore applies data security and privacy best practices to protect the confidentiality of customer data, maintain application integrity, and ensure platform availability. We will never voluntarily provide your personal information to anyone without your informed consent. We will never spam you, spim you, or knowingly allow others to use any information we possess about you to do so. If you request it, we will delete all of your personal information at any time.
  2. Collection and Storage of Personal Information. We collect and store certain information in order to render you the best possible services, including:
    • Name, address(es), e-mail address(es), or telephone number(s) that you supply upon registering;
    • Usernames and passwords used to access the Delight Me Website;
    • Information that you submit or post to the Delight Me Website as well as information about your relationship with other users
    • Information that may be supplemented by other users with whom you have established a relationship within the context of this website
    • Information about the website’s features that you use, how frequently you use them and how you have used them in the past
    • Information about your location and the type of device(s) you use to access and interact with this website

    Please note that Delight Me does not knowingly solicit, collect or maintain any personal information from anyone under 13 years of age in order to comply with the U.S. Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Children under 13 years of age may only use Delight Me when Delight Me has received verifiable consent of a parent or legal guardian, in accordance with applicable law and the Delight Me Terms of Service.

    In addition, when you sign on to the Delight Me Website, we have access to certain technical information that is made available to us by your computer and Internet browser, such as the type of browser you are using, your Internet provider and certain other details that are routinely provided. We may associate part or all of this information with your Delight Me account to help us personalize your experience. Although no computer system is completely impervious to cyber-attack, we employ industry standard technical, managerial and physical security methods to safeguard your data.

  3. Cookies. When you use Delight Me, we store a “cookie” (a small data file) within each user’s Internet browser that returns certain types of information to the Delight Me Platform that helps it to function properly and also helps us to better understand your interaction with Delight Me so that we may enhance and personalize your experience. Most Internet browsers automatically accept cookies; you may instruct your browser to stop accepting cookies, but that may interfere with some or all of Delight Me’s features.
  4. Choices for Control of Information. Delight Me offers you access and the ability to edit your information via Account Settings in the Options menu. Other information under your control may also be accessed and edited via the Dashboard, Can-Do’s, Goals and Messages menus of this website.
  5. Use of Information by Delight Me
    Your information is used for the following purposes:

    • To deliver functionality and improve the Delight Me Website and/or the Delight Me Platform, which may include displaying some identifiable information about you to other users of the website, for example, to enable creation of an invitation with another Delight Me user’s registered email address for convenience (although you will have options to control how much personal information is available on a per-user basis.;
    • To fulfill your requests for assistance with, or information about, the Delight Me Website and/or the Delight Me Platform;
    • To conduct research about your use of the Delight Me Website and/or the Delight Me Platform and their functionality; and
    • To offer other Delight Me services, products, features or functionality that may be of interest to you.
  6. Sharing of Your Personal Information with Third Parties. Delight Me doesn’t sell, rent or otherwise share your personal information with any third party unless you understand and consent to it directly. If it becomes necessary to share any of your personal information (for example, for an offer involving a third party that you want to accept), you can be sure that Delight Me will ask for your permission clearly and it will be on an “opt in” basis. As detailed in Section 8, below, in certain circumstances Delight Me may also make some or all of your personal information available to law enforcement, or in the case of an emergency. Please also note that Delight Me may use contractors and employ third party companies to engineer, maintain and improve this website. Their activities may require access to your information. However, their access and use of your information is restricted to only the stated purposes. Should ownership of this website change as a result of a sale of some or all company assets, merger, acquisition or reorganization, your information may be transferred.
  7. Privacy of Your Communications. Delight Me does not monitor or reviewthe contents of your communications with other users, nor do we voluntarily allow anyone else to do so. In some cases, user-to-user communications are stored or cached for the users’ convenience and to enable the Delight Me Platform’s functionality (for example, in the Messages function and in Can-Do notes), but this storing of communications is only between specific users that have a relationship (either in My Network, or as a coach or Buddy). Of course, the users receive the information that you share with them, and Delight Me has no knowledge of or control over the use they may make of that information, so please use discretion in all of your communications.
  8. Compliance with Law and Emergencies. As stated above, Delight Me does not share personal information with third parties, and does not review, monitor, cache or store the content of communications between users. Delight Me will, however, comply with a valid governmental request such as a court order, subpoena or search warrant as required. Additionally if we become aware that a Delight Me user is using, or has used, our product to commit a crime, or if there is an emergency that poses a safety threat to you or to another person, we will notify and cooperate fully with appropriate authorities.
  9. Child Protection. Delight Me is intended for a general audience, but is not directed to the use by children under the age of thirteen, who may not register without the verifiable consent of a parent or guardian. Delight Me does not knowingly solicit or maintain any personal information of children under 13 years of age, and we will take steps to terminate any unauthorized underage registration of which we become aware.
  10. Contacting You. Delight Me will try to limit the scope, type and quantity of our messages to you. We won’t spam you, spim you or knowingly allow others to do so. Here are the types of messages you can expect to receive from us from time to time:
    • Registration process and confirmation
    • Updates on product features
    • System information
    • Internal marketing and requests for feedback for Delight Me only
  11. Security of Data. Delight Me maintains a variety of technologies, safeguards and procedures to protect your information from unauthorized access, use, modification or disclosure. However, Delight Me cannot guarantee that your information may never be disclosed as a result of unauthorized or unlawful activities by third parties. Delight Me stores your information on computer systems that restrict access and which are located in controlled facilities. All access is authenticated before granting access or the ability to view or edit your information. Your information is also protected while in transit between the device(s) you use to access this website and the computer systems of this website.
  12. Scope of this Policy. This privacy policy is intended to apply only to the use of our website and web application: if you are using Delight Me but click on a link and are redirected to a third party website, any information you share with the third party will be governed by its privacy policy, and not ours.
  13. Updates and Changes. We may make changes to this policy from time to time, as our service becomes more sophisticated and includes more features, but we’ll let you know each time we do, by posting a detailed notice on the login page.
  14. Deletion of your Personal Information. Your personal information belongs to you. If you want to delete it from our system, you can do so at any time by contacting us at the email address set forth below.
  15. Contacting Us. If you have any questions or comments, or think we’ve overlooked something important to you, please feel free to email us at

(Last updated on March 12, 2023)
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