Strategic Advisory Services

Helping leaders turn ideas into reality.

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We help leaders turn ideas into reality.

We work with you to articulate your vision, your mission, and your strategy based on your goals and priorities. As professional advisors, we use our decades of wisdom and experience to empower you to be more effective, faster. We work quickly and efficiently to help you leverage your strengths and resources rapidly and cost effectively.

Our work is founded on three core principles:


Great organizations are built by great people who can work together towards common goals with a sense of purpose.


Best practice process in everything we do. Product Development, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Talent Development, Etc.


If you don’t know where you are going, you will never get there. Define your plan. Act. Review. Refine. Repeat.

We are hands-on executives.

We want to make sure you can execute our joint plans and processes in the short term and long term. After the initial phases are complete, we will stay connected to review, refine, and improve plans and processes and assess talent, identifying gaps and filling them.

Each client engagement is unique and built around a combination of the following engagement phases:

Phase I: Discover

One-one one conversations with the principal decision-makers and leaders to identify goals, capabilities, cultural landscape, and any factors essential to success.

Phase II: Define

Define, develop, and document the vision and plan for building traction from start through organizational development, product or program design and marketplace campaign implementation.

Phase III: Align

Workshop(s) conducted with leadership, core team and stakeholders to review and refine plans and processes, anticipate and remove potential roadblocks, mutually agree to scope, milestones, and timelines.

Phase IV: Activate

Leverage the Delight Me® platform to provide focus, motivation, and accountability towards key performance metrics, share data and progress in real time, reinforce principles and culture.

We provide full consulting, advice, and training that will help you bring your ideas to life:

Vision Development, Strategic Planning, and Implementation

Learn How-To Turn Your Big Goals into Bite-Size Pieces

Program and Curriculum Design and Transformation into Delight Me® Goal Management Platform

Assistance with Goal-Setting, “Can-Do” Steps, Goal Monitoring, Accountability

Individual And Group Training

Custom Webinar-Based Programs to Align Visions and Launch New Plans and Programs

Hourly, Daily, And Monthly Consulting Engagements

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Go from Vision 2 Reality. Faster.

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