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The Murville Principles

For Business Management - Incorporating decades of wisdom from hands-on experience, Marie-Louise Murville provides business executives and project managers with a summary of key principles that are essential for every business. When adhered to, companies delight customers, employees, and shareholders, profitably.

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  • The 13 Step Process for Best Practices New Product Development
  • The 14 Essentials for Organizational Success
  • The 6 Fundamentals of Marketing

Creator of The Murville Principles

Marie-Louise Murville, CEO of Delight Me, Inc., is an educator, a serial entrepreneur, a management consultant, and a former venture capitalist. A graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and London Business School, she is a thought leader in technology-based products and services for consumers and businesses. Ms. Murville is a frequent speaker on the topics of technology strategy and entrepreneurship and is on the faculty of the Kogod School of Business at American University.

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