9-Part Series

More Joy, Less Stress Wellness Workshop Series

Learn Daily Steps for More Joy & Less Stress

Tuesdays, 5:30pm - 6:30pm EST via Zoom

This workshop series is for you if...

  • You are overwhelmed by the stresses and strains of daily life,

  • You struggle to find the time for sleep, eating healthy, and regular exercise,

  • You are feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders,

  • Have decided to start your own business or freelancing work and need guidance on how to balance out ALL THE THINGS,

  • Or are a highly busy parent or a caregiver juggling multiple tasks at a time.

Claim back your time, clear your mind and find the focus for what's important in your life by joining in on this special 9-part workshop series.

You can RSVP for a single workshop, or all 9! 

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This series is broken down into 9 workshops:

The 9 Drivers of Life Satisfaction

Focus on Health, Nutrition, and Fitness

Focus on Money

Focus on Relationships and Community

Focus on Learning and Career

Focus on Joy, Hobbies, and Recreation

Designing Your Life: Goals, Habits, and Skills

Life Management: Plan, Journal, Review, Improve

Journal Review Happy Hour

Led by Marie-Louise Murville

DC Native, Educator, Serial Entrepreneur,
and Faculty at American University

My mission as an educator is to empower and inspire people to love learning and to be the best versions of themselves.


All workshops are online.
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Tuesdays, 5:30pm - 6:30pm via Zoom
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