• Your Business Goals

    • Sales
    • Marketing
    • Partners
    • Customers
    • Investors
    • Fundraise
    • Prod Dev
    • Legal
    • Accounting
  • Your Personal Goals

    • Sports
    • Career
    • Health
    • Learning
    • Money
    • Diet
    • Family & Friends
    • World
    • Hobbies

Yes I Can...Succeed

Achieve.   Grow.   Prosper.

The first delightfully engaging cloud-based goal management platform for achieving personal AND professional goals with your own private team of mentors to motivate you. Watch How It Works

Who Needs Delight Me®?

Professional services firms need Delight Me more than ever. Today's knowledge workers face a myriad of job challenges in the workplace that have a direct impact on their company's bottom line:

  • Playing a small role leaves many workers feeling undervalued and disconnected
  • Mentoring from superiors is not always available or accessible
  • Navigating career moves is hard if paths to advancement are unclear
  • Workplace dynamics leave top performers disengaged, dissatisfied, and headed for the door

As a result, professional services firms can lose productivity and top talent.

    How Delight Me® Solves This Challenge

  • Career and personal goals are managed in one easy platform from any device
  • Managers set daily, weekly, and monthly goals; easily track progress via one-click charts and visuals
  • Individuals focus on behaviors that matter; collect relevant regular metrics to see progress via dashboards
  • Trusted advisors offer feedback, motivation, and course corrections via alerts and messages

How Delight Me® is Different

The cloud-based platform uniquely integrates people, data, and goals to ensure success

People: Managers, mentors, and individuals are accountability partners

Data: KPI data is collected, aggregated, analyzed, and reported in real time for feedback and planning

Goals: Individual, group, and enterprise goals are visible and tracked through activities and outcomes

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